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Belgrave Homes prides itself on being a local company that truly cares.

Why should you choose Belgrave Homes?

Belgrave Homes prides itself on being a local company that truly cares. We strive to meet the aspirations of our customers whilst being considerate to the communities and local environments in which we build. We aim to ensure that our reputation for honesty is upheld at all times.

Whatever we do, we aim to achieve the highest standards possible and create the homes our customers’ dream of.

We spend time developing bespoke properties that meet your needs and are not interested in churning out thousands of houses a year.

We build homes which complement and enhance the environment and local communities. Homes which are designed and built for the modern day lifestyle. Our dedicated team ensures that every little detail of each home that we build is perfectly designed and finished to perfection.

It is this passion and commitment to design and quality that is the heart of Belgrave Homes, and championed by every member of team.

Our homes are built by us but designed for you.


Homes which have been built to support the environment.

Modern new homes – warmer, greener and efficient

When you buy a Belgrave Homes’ property you’ll be the proud owner of a high quality, new home that has been built to support the environment. We aim to ensure that it will be warmer, greener and more energy efficient to run.

Our homes benefits from energy-efficient central heating, double glazing, draught proofing and high levels of insulation. This all helps reduce the amount of energy needed to run your home and, of course, helps reduce your energy bills.


Rigid under floor insulation is installed on the ground floor, which with the loft space insulation will decrease your heat loss. The walls also have an enhanced thermal grade insulation to help retain heat and reduce sound.

Double glazing

Our windows are double-glazed and have an argon gas trapped between the two panes to create an enhanced insulation barrier. They are also fitted with trickle vents to provide controlled ventilation and use energy efficient glass to improve their thermal value.

Solar Energy

Solar and/or PV panels are fitted to some of our properties. These homes can generate their own electricity and hot water supply from sunlight. This solar energy is free, clean and safe.

Solar and/or PV panels can reduce the need for conventional electricity or gas power and can help reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy bills. It is an environmentally friendly product that does not produce any waste or pollution.

Air Leakage

We take great care in the construction of our new homes and try to reduce air leakage as much as possible. This helps to provide an airtight envelope which will increase energy efficiency and eliminate cold draughts.

Conservation of water

The use of dual flush toilets and the installation of flow restrictors to baths, sinks and basins reduce the unnecessary usage of water.

Water butts are supplied on selected developments to provide a readily available supply of rainwater for garden use or car cleaning. This will help to reduce your water bill if you are using a metered mains water supply.

New Homes Warranty

All of our homes are covered by a Ten Year Warranty, which gives you peace of mind when you buy a new Belgrave Homes property.

Belgrave Homes – New Homes Warranty

In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, the comprehensive warranty will cover any serious structural defects within the foundations, roof or walls for a period of 10 years.

In the first two years Belgrave Homes will also take responsibility for rectifying any minor construction defects that occur in your new home.

We want you to feel that your investment is in safe hands.

Customer Charter

As a new home buyer you will have the benefit of a 10 year Structural Warranty.

You also have our commitment to abide by the requirements of the Consumer Code for Home Builders. This customer charter sets out our commitments to delivering excellent customer service to you and ensuring your satisfaction during and after purchasing your new home.

We are dedicated to providing home buyers with the highest standards of customer service.

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